Daan Herweg – Jazz sonates with a modern soul

Daan Herweg – Jazz sonates with a modern soul


Time for the fourth artist on my top 5. The man I’d like to share with you today is Daan Herweg. An artist who many of you will have heard or seen, but often without realizing it. Over the last 12 years He’s been active as the musical X factor behind a score of successful new bands and groups, but this spring he’s finally released his own debut album. With Lucid Musings Daan may surprise many. Where most of Daan’s collaborations incorporate beats, strong vocalists and rappers, Daan has chosen to go back to the core and beyond. In a surprising move he’s fused many elements from the classical world (Bach, Mozart, etc) into his new jazz compositions. Though the style of his music is decidedly jazz, the form of many of his compositions are more like sonatas and overtures than standards. The stories he’s telling are multi faceted, vary in tempo’s and style rapidly and fuse together various modes and moods to create something truly unique. After his release concert in Jazz club Benthany’s I felt more like I had just attended a very entraining classical concert, then a jazz gig.

What’s amazing about the compositions is that they seem cleverly constructed to bring joy to listeners from all walks of life. The melody’s are easy to grasp, catchy and very accessible, but underneath the inviting exterior we hear some wonderful harmonic acrobatics. Often jumping, seemingly effortlessly, from one odd meter to the next and constructing complex chord build-ups that resolve in wonderfully light and often unexpected ways. Daan has hit the nail on the head when he titled one of his tunes “The art of getting carried away” because that is exactly what this album will does for me. I hope it will do the same for you.

Take a look at the video below to get a taste and for more info visit: http://daanherweg.com/